MTN outperforms Safaricom in terms of fast internet speed in Africa.


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Consumers are often talking about how fast their mobile internet is.

Even though faster speeds are always preferable, customers must always pay more for such speeds.

A good example is Kenya, where the largest telecom, Safaricom, boasts some of the fastest mobile internet speeds in Africa and services over 33 million people.

Customers have looked elsewhere since Safaricom’s data packages aren’t the cheapest.

Airtel, Telkom, and Faiba offer better prices, but faster speeds are reserved for big metropolitan centers, which defeats the purpose of offering users a large quantity of data they can’t utilize in other regions of the nation.

To put this in perspective, at 97 percent, Safaricom’s 4G coverage is quite close to being at the full 100 percent mark.


As you will see in the next section, several towns in South Africa have already begun offering 5G services on a commercial scale.

According to data compiled by Ookla, MTN South Africa provided the industry’s fastest median download speeds in the second quarter of 2022.

According to the numbers, the median download speeds for MTN Guinea were 2.89 Mbps, whereas the median download speeds for MTN South Africa were 65.95 Mbps.

The median upload speed varied similarly between 1.55 Mbps for MTN Guinea to 14.84 Mbps for Airtel Uganda.

The success of 5G’s introduction in South Africa is largely responsible for these figures. Despite initial launch difficulties due to load shedding, MTN South Africa seems to have been ahead of the competition. Its top download speed was 65.95 Mbps, with Vodacom South Africa coming in second at 48.70 Mbps on average.

Kenya’s Safaricom was the quickest operator on the continent among those evaluated, but only if 5G was disregarded.

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