Mumias Sugar: Sarrai’s Destiny Depends On Contempt Case


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The court ruled that all of Mumias Sugar Company’s property must be returned.

Sarrai Group, based in Uganda, has until December 15 to find out the outcome of a contempt of court case filed against it. Despite a court order from April telling its managers to stay away from Mumias Sugar Company, the company is accused of continuing to do business there.

Ms. Jackline Kimeto, the petitioner’s attorney, filed a contempt of court motion with Lady Justice Wilfrida Okwany, who set the hearing for Wednesday, September 7th. In this case, the petitioner says that corrupt local politicians help Sarrai Group run Mumias. 

“I am aware that the contemnors have opted to hide behind inflammatory pronouncements of politicians in the hope that they will protect them,” said the advocate in court document.

On July 28th, Justice Okwany issued an order prohibiting employees of Rai Cement, a subsidiary of the Sarrai Group, from entering the miller’s facilities until the court matter is heard and decided.

“Pending the hearing and determination of this application, Sarrai Group Limited, its directors, agents, employees, servants, subsidiaries and other affiliates including Mumias Sugar (2021) Limited, Rai Cement Limited be ordered to cease and desist any activity and all activities including the operation of machinery, dismantling, vándalism of machinery, removal of assets, or any other activity of whatever nature stored and situated within the premises of Mumias Sugar Limited,” Justice Wilfrida Okwany directed.

The lease that had been awarded to Sarrai Group on December 22, 2021, was declared void as a result of the court’s decision, which was upheld and issued on April 14th, 2022. “This court issues an order restraining Sarrai Group from and its aforementioned agents or any other agents from commencing, continuing, or undertaking any activity under the lease dated 22nd December, 2021,” said the judge.

The court also gave the company an order to return all Mumias Sugar Company assets to the company, which the police were told to carry out.  “The Officer Commanding Mumias Sugar Police Station be and is hereby ordered to facilitate the safe return of all vandalized and looted assets of Mumias Sugar in accordance with these orders,” added the judge .

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