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    Nairobi’s crime hotspots have been disclosed by the police.

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    Crime hotspots in Nairobi have been identified by the National Police Service, which has issued a public warning to citizens to stay away from them.

    According to a report released by the NPS on Monday, the agency’s investigation has shown that criminals are going after “everyone,” “every residence,” and “every company,” even M Pesa outlets.

    The crime occurs throughout the day as well as at night, as shown by this investigation.

    Thika superhighway, from the Drive-In flyover to KCA, the KCA underpass, and the Total exit are all highlighted.

    Also included are:

    • Globe Cinema
    • Kipande Road
    • ABC Place
    • Kangemi along Waiyaki Way
    • River Road
    • Archives
    • Kirinyaga road and Fig Tree.

    According to NPS, the gangs are responsible for violent robberies, carjackings, assaults, burglaries, and even murder.

    The NPS also suggested further steps to ensure the public’s safety.

    It advised people not to go alone at night and to be vigilant of their surroundings at all times, including parked vehicles and anyone hanging nearby.

    Similarly, citizens were urged to limit their use of electronic devices while traveling, to avoid carrying ATM cards unless absolutely essential, and to carefully consider how much money they want to transfer into their M-Pesa accounts.

    When parking in a public area, don’t forget to lock the doors and roll up the windows, and never leave anything of value in your car.

    In addition, motorists should keep a sharp eye out for vehicles behind them on the drive home.

    Be wary of strangers in the area and vehicles parked suspiciously near your gate.

    The NPS also suggested that residents think about installing CCTV systems and that those who already have security fences check to be sure they were operational.

    In the event of an attack, victims are urged to collaborate completely with the perpetrators, rather than resisting or fighting back.

    To reach the Nairobi Area Police Control in an emergency, call 0203556771.

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