Natembeya chases away the late staff


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George, governor of Trans Nzoia, issued an order for the hotel’s security staff to close the gates and refuse entry to top county authorities who arrived late for a 9 a.m. meeting.

As a result of the county authorities’ tardiness, Natembeya made it clear that his government would not stand for such behavior.

For being late to a meeting, the newly elected governor expelled sixteen high-ranking officials, including members of the County Executive Committee (CEC).

“When I say we meet at 9am sharp I mean 9:00am sharp and not 9:01am. I personally arrived here five minutes earlier so everyone should learn to keep time. Past the said time, if you are out, remain there,” Natembeya stated.

It was planned that the authorities would meet with the governor to talk about the CIDP (County Development Integrated Plan) for the following five years.

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