New Safaricom Rule: Bonga Data Expires in 7 Days


Safaricom, the leading mobile network operator in Kenya, has made a recent change to its terms and conditions for redeeming Bonga Points. The move is aimed at unlocking the underlying revenue and ensuring that subscribers use the rewards within a specific timeline.

Seven Days to Enjoy Your Bonga Rewards

Starting from today, subscribers have seven days to use data bundles earned from redeeming Bonga Points. “Bonga data bundles of up to 1 gigabyte expire at midnight on the day of purchase,” the company stated. Similarly, talk time minutes and airtime will also expire seven days after redeeming. SMS of up to 1,000 counts will last for 24 hours, while 3,500 counts will expire after 30 days.

In November 2022, Safaricom announced that all Bonga Points older than three years would expire, and be unavailable for redemption from January 1, 2023. “We noticed that they were usually dormant, hence becoming a liability if unclaimed,” the company said. The move aimed to unlock the underlying revenue amounting to Sh4.5 billion as of March 2022.

Bonga Points, earned from airtime top-ups, can be converted to free airtime, free internet, and for paying bills. To enjoy the rewards, subscribers must be enrolled in the Bonga Points program, earning one point for every Sh10 spent on the Safaricom network for voice, mobile data, and SMS and for every Sh100 spent on the network for M-Pesa transactions.

With the updated terms and conditions, Safaricom encourages subscribers to redeem their Bonga Points and enjoy the rewards within the specific timeline. Don’t let your hard-earned points go to waste! Enroll in the Bonga Points program today and make the most of your mobile experience.

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