Be prepared for yet another fuel shortage.


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Official documents claim unfair trade practices by Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) will cause another round of fuel shortages.

Some suppliers store over 34 million liters in transit inside the Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) system, a practice questioned by PS Kamau.

Only Vivi Energy and Rubis met their export limits, and they were even in shortfall, the article claims. Asharai, on the other hand, had the largest stockpile, with 13.2 million litres, which accounted for 38.8% of the additional supplies in storage.

The Ministry of Petroleum ordered the marketers to take the excess fuel from KPC reserves by 6 p.m. on April 26.

Recently, a number of Kenyan fuel stations have reported empty pumps, notably in Western Kenya and Nairobi, as a result of the dishonesty that has been perpetrated. Long queues have returned in several parts of Nairobi.

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