University of Nairobi to Discontinue More Degree Programs


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It has been stated that the University of Nairobi (UoN) aims to eliminate more degree programs as a means of reducing costs.

Provost Professor Stephen Kiama has indicated that the university plans to cancel more courses and merge others in an effort to lower the university’s increasing debt load.

According to Kiama, the university will also limit recruiting to essential areas and place a greater emphasis on courses linked to engineering, medicine, and information technology.

He explained that the goal is to keep the university afloat in the face of its mounting debts, which total more than Ksh34 billion.

“In order to prevent the University of Nairobi from disappearing from the face of Kenya, the institution has made the difficult decision to drastically reduce expenses. In order to live within our means and increase our income, we must do everything we can,” he said.
University employees’ insurance premiums have been delinquent, as has the university’s need to pay the National Hospital Insurance Fund, the National Social Security Fund, and Pay As You Earn (PAYE).

As a result of the massive layoffs caused by the cancellation of 255 courses, the university now employs roughly 4,000 people.

“We used to provide around 500 courses, but that number has been reduced to 300 now. As we continue to shrink, the Senate is intrigued to see which ones as we focus on where we have a competitive advantage as an institution.”

You can’t just copy what everyone else is doing; you must stay with what you’re greatest at “he explained,

Although the university made significant improvements last year, the University of Nairobi is still in debt, according to the university’s vice chancellor.

The number of courses provided by UoN was reduced from 579 to 324 as of last year.

In addition, the number of colleges was lowered from eight to eleven, the number of faculty positions was cut from 35 to 11, and several departments were consolidated in an effort to reduce duplication.

Because most of the courses had fewer applicants and several didn’t have any at all, Kiama stood by the decision. Despite the fact that the institution has allocated funds for the admission.

“We withdrew the programs for two distinct reasons. This is what I mentioned: output. We are collecting more money from you than you are paying us for the number of kids you are graduating. There are some who haven’t accepted students in a while “he made a point of saying.

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