Ngara Girls’ School Form 1 student commits suicide


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On Tuesday, November 15, a Form 1 student at Ngara Girls’ High School took her own life because she was overwhelmed by the stress of her parents’ argument.

School head Beatrice Ndiga said that the student had broken limbs after jumping from the first floor of the Topaz dorm.

When Laurine Ekala didn’t show up for the 6 o’clock roll call, the dorm captains, school nurse, matron, senior instructor, and two woman guards went looking for her.

“The student was discovered around 7:15 p.m. after jumping from the Topaz dormitory’s first floor. Within 15 minutes after the fall, the school nurse and matron rushed her to Ladnan Hospital in Pangani,” said Ndiga.

A CAT scan showed that Ekala’s pelvis was broken, but her chest was unharmed.

After a CT scan at MP Shah Hospital, she was sent to Aga Khan Hospital for further care.

Unfortunately, the patient died at about midnight.

Her father’s absence from the family was the subject of two notes that were discovered in her bag.

It was revealed that previously, she had asked another student how one might commit suicide.

The other note was written to her mother and said how following an argument with her father, Ekala was devastated because her mother had chased her away when she had come to soothe her.

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