NTSA urges motorists to visit offices for assistance with number plate application


The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has taken to inviting Kenyans to its offices for assistance with the new number plate application. In a service update on Tuesday, February 14th, the NTSA disclosed that at one point in the application process, motorists would be required to physically visit any of its branches. The Authority acted in response to the complaints of Kenyans who were stuck midway through the application process.

The message read: “A pending application is already in the works. Please choose the appropriate view pending transaction.” As a result, the NTSA urged all those who faced the problem to visit any of its offices across the nation. “We recommend customers who get this erroneous notice to go to the center where the logbook was issued and bring original copies of the same as well as their national ID for identification,” the explanation read.

The institution confirmed that the pending process would be completed and the plate application would be initiated. Previously, the agency responded to motorists who claimed that images they uploaded to the website during the application were rejected. “When filing an application for a number plate replacement, always include a coloured copy of the original logbook as well as images of the current number plates. They should be in PDF format,” the NTSA explained.

The NTSA has been actively working to help Kenyans transition to the new generation of license plates. On February 6th, the Authority responded to claims that the modern plates would be repossessed from motorists who failed to produce a letter confirming the change.

The NTSA has been responding to several challenges, such as motorists receiving notifications that their applications were unsuccessful, the system experiencing connectivity issues, and photographs being rejected. With an aim to help motorists, the Authority has provided several hotlines and email addresses for inquiries and support. Nevertheless, the NTSA advised Kenyans to make sure that they submit all the necessary documentation, including a valid identification card, logbook, and paid-up fees, to facilitate the application process.

Additionally, the Authority has been pushing for the digitalization of the transport sector. Recently, the government announced plans to integrate different transport systems through the National Transport Integrated Management System (NTIMS). The system will enable motorists to access different services, such as applying for driving licenses, conducting vehicle searches, and obtaining vehicle inspection reports, on a single platform.

The NTSA has also taken measures to reduce the number of road accidents in the country. In 2020, the Authority launched a 24-hour accident emergency response center. The center has an aim to improve the response time to accidents and improve the post-crash response.

In conclusion, the NTSA’s invitation for Kenyans to visit its offices in person is part of the Authority’s efforts to assist motorists with the new number plate application. With a digital transport system in the works and efforts to reduce road accidents, the Authority is taking significant strides to improve the transport sector in Kenya.

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