Okiya Omtata: Azimio did not Fund my Petition


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Omtata said on JKL Live on September 14 that he had reached out to the Azimio la Umoja hierarchy for help, but had gotten nothing.

He claims he spent Ksh 1.6 million of his own money on the petition. He insisted that he didn’t care about his own finances as long as he was making progress toward the truth.

“ It did cost me and I believed in it. I paid roughly 1.6 million shillings to prosecute that case. I tried to get money from Azimio they could not give me. Because I was convicted I had to use my own money to file that case,” he said. 

Of the nine petitioners that contested Ruto’s election victory on August 9, Omtata was one of them.
He contended that the election should have gone to a second round because no candidate received more than 50% plus one of the vote.

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