Orengo Says CJ Koome Embarrassed Kenyans


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James Orengo, governor of Siaya, lashed out at Chief Justice Martha Koome, calling the Supreme Court’s decision a disgrace to the judicial system.

A close supporter of Azimio leader Raila Odinga, the governor made the accusation that the seven-judge panel issued a political judgment at a time when the nation required an impartial conclusion while speaking at a funeral on Sunday, September 11.

Odinga’s lead attorney in the presidential petition fight, known as the Senior Counsel, expressed doubts about the supreme court’s fairness.

“Chief Justice Koome you have brought shame to the Judiciary by rendering a judgment that in the eyes of the ordinary people who fought for you to make sure a Chief Justice can have independence. You have brought shame to the people of the Republic of Kenya!” he claimed.

The governor of Siaya said that the supreme court had a secret vendetta against Azimio la Umoja since they had ignored all nine of their concerns in their verdict.
Orengo also raised doubts about the verdict’s wording, saying that some of the comments made weren’t required.

But Orengo said that they will go on in their efforts to see that justice is served.

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