Outgoing governors get hefty payouts


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Previous county executives and their deputies may now enjoy a comfortable retirement courtesy of the state funds.
The departing governors are eligible for a gratuity equal to 31% of their yearly base salary for each year of service.
As of 2017, governors were paid a total of Sh924,000, as determined by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission. The monthly salary for a deputy governor is Sh621,250.

There will be a gratuity payment of Sh17.2 million given to each retiring governor.

The departing deputy governors will get a total of Sh11.55 million.

The outlay of retiring governors would be Sh721.83 million, compared to Sh275.2 million for governors who have left office after one term.

There would be a total benefit of Sh278.88 million for their deputies.

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