Parents to Pay more School Fees this year.


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Coming January 23, the academic calendar will go back to its normal, but it won’t make things any easier for the parents.

“When the Covid-19 hit, it threw off the academic calendar. The timetable will be adjusted back to normal this January 2023,” stated the circula.

All elementary, middle, and high schools will begin classes on January 23 and last for 13 weeks, until April 21 when they’ll close.

In contrast, after the new government ended its learning subsidy, parents are once again responsible for covering the full cost of their children’s education.

“Anyone claiming that the number has now been altered is not telling the truth. Increasing tuition rates may require forming a new committee ” states the circular from the ministry.

The ministry for education states that the new fee for the schools at the national level is Sh53,554, which is the same as the previous fee.

The ministry circular states, “Parents must pay Sh40,535 to cover the cost of boarding and to cover the cost of improvements and maintenance of the school.

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