Police find cocaine at JKIA valued at Sh1.5 million.


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Cocaine worth Sh1.5 million that was found at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is being looked into by police.

The drugs were found in a shipment that was being sent to Victoria, Australia, when it was intercepted over the weekend.

When the shipment was found, it was disguised as picture frames and t-shirts.

There, according to the police, were 300 grams of cocaine.

Officials from the Anti-Narcotics Unit said that after receiving a tip, they examined and discovered the shipment.

The authorities said that while they do not yet know the origin or sender, they are working to find out.

The police said the seizure shows Kenya is one of the nations providing the drugs for export.

Although no one has been apprehended as of yet, authorities were attempting to identify the individual or people who were planning to mail the package.

Despite attempts to address the threat, this continues. Others of the drugs are diluted and used locally, while some are meant for markets outside.

Some of the narcotics are able to get past the checkpoints and get to where they’re going.

Along with these opioids, other often-used substances include alcohol, miraa, prescription medications, nicotine, marijuana, and inhalants.

According to the police, traffickers increasingly do their business on roadways rather than at airports.

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