Raila accuses Ruto of bribing judges.


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Raila Odinga, leader of Azimio, has claimed that President William Ruto is trying to control the Judiciary through his hasty appointment of the six judges and the proposed annual allocation of Sh3 billion to the Judiciary.

Raila said the actions were illegal and amounted to bribing the judicial system.

“That is the reason for the rush to appoint six judges and to allocate specific amount of money to the Judiciary,” he said.

According to Raila, Parliament decides how much money to give institutions and government agencies depending on its review of their budget requests.

In order to offer the judiciary financial independence, President William Ruto promised to increase its budgetary allotment by Sh3 billion annually over the course of the next five years.

β€œTo consolidate the place of the Judiciary in our constitutional and democratic dispensation, my administration will respect judicial decisions while we cement the place of Kenya as a country anchored on democracy and the rule of law,” Ruto said.

Raila, however, has argued that this action is an obvious attempt to corrupt the judiciary.

“How do you say I’m going to give Judiciary Sh3 billion every year. How do you know how much Judiciary requires this year, next year, ten years from now?” he laugheed off.

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