Raila counters Ruto’s Sahrawi revocation


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Raila pointed out that it violated the constitution for the president to openly denounce a nation without first engaging the cabinet.

Raila Odinga criticised President William Ruto’s criticism of denunciation of the Sahrawi Arab.

“To sever relations with the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic is unconstitutional since it was done without the approval of the Cabinet,” Raila stated.

Ruto had said that Kenya does not recognize the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) as an independent state in a tweet that was deleted minutes later on Wednesday, September 14.

“At State House in Nairobi, received a congratulatory message from His Majesty King Mohammed VI. Kenya rescinds its recognition of the SADR and initiates steps to wind down the entity’s presence in the country,” the president said in a tweet that was deleted few minutes later.

Plans included cutting all links with the state and closing its Kilimani embassy.

“Kenya supports the United Nations framework as the exclusive mechanism to find a lasting solution to the dispute over Western Sahara,” the President stated in the tweet that was deleted minutes later.

Raila said that the one-sided move paints Kenya in a bad light to the international community.

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