Raila: Shame on the Judiciary


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During the inauguration of Mombasa governor Abdulswamad Nassir, Raila called the current Supreme Court verdict a dictatorship and said they will reject any attempts to impose a leader on Kenyans.

He continued by saying that the seven bench judges led by Chief Justice Martha Koome had failed to provide an explanation for upholding Rutos’s victory.

“It was not based on any law. It was based on thuggery. We are not going to allow another dictator to become the leader of this country.

“We will also not allow the judiciary to become a dictator in this country,” he stated.

He went on to say that the Azimio la Umoja coalition will not stand for injustice in the country and that they would take action to seek answers about the verdict.

“We can lead a one million march to the judiciary and tell them to go home. We have a right as a people to not agree with bad rulings.

“Shame on the judiciary of this country. We will talk,” he stated.

Raila stated that they will wait for the seven-judge bench to provide explanation for their ruling before deciding on their next move. Although he acknowledged the verdict, was unfair.

“I am not talking as Raila Odinga. What the people saw happened on September 5 was a shock. Why should the people wake up early in the morning to wake up and vote?” he wondered.

“Why should people wake up to go queue and vote when Jose Camargo decides who will become president?” Raila stated.

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