Ruto blocks Uhuru-era CSs from tender payments and international travel.


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President William Ruto has drastically reduced the influence of Cabinet Secretaries (CSs) by prohibiting them from traveling abroad, spending large sums of money, and appointing their chosen candidates to prestigious positions in the government.

With the public service jobs and salary order in place, During the current transition period, Dr. Ruto seeks to further curtail the limited powers of CSs and Principal Secretaries (PSs), many of whom he disagreed with before the elections and accused of manipulating state machinery to hinder his presidential bid.

As President Ruto prepares to choose his new team to assist him fulfill his platform, he is keen to guarantee that the exiting officials do not make appointments in public service or new policy statements.

The directive has froze any promotions, transfers, or new appointments by CSs to the boards of state corporations or state agencies.

In addition, the National Treasury has issued an order prohibiting ministries, state departments, and government entities from making payments of more than Sh50 million without prior clearance.

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