Ruto to the Supreme Court: Don’t Elect Raila as President.


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In response to a petition filed by former presidential candidate Raila Odinga and his running partner Martha Karua, President-elect William Ruto has filed a response with the Supreme Court challenging their claims.

Raila petitioned the Supreme Court to rule that he and his running mate Karua were lawfully elected to the positions of President and Deputy President of Kenya.

According to Ruto’s reaction, Raila’s desire to be proclaimed the victor notwithstanding his allegation that no contender received 50% plus one vote is hypocritical.

Moreover, he stated his belief that the Supreme Court lacked the authority to provide the requested remedy in the Raila-Karua Petition. The petition, Ruto said, would be in violation of Article 140 (3) of the Constitution.

So, instead of announcing Raila the winner, Ruto argued for the second round of voting.
But he said that Raila had been requesting a rerun from the beginning.

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