Ruto’s Attempt to Lower Unga Prices Hits a Roadblock


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However, maize farmers have warned Ruto not to dictate market values for their grain based on the subsidized fertilizers, thus the wait for cheaper Unga would continue.

The farmers stated that there was no influence on the price of maize since the low-cost fertilizers were distributed near the conclusion of the current growing season.

Instead, as harvest time approaches, farmers are asking the government to purchase a 90-kilogram bag of maize for Ksh5,000.

In addition, they asserted that the high expenses of growing raw maize are accounted for by their recommendations, including the overpriced fertilizers that they bought at a rate of Ksh6,500 each bag.

The National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) has determined that a bag of maize should cost Ksh3,000. This price has been in effect for some time. However, since there is a lack of maize right now, producers may have an edge when it comes to negotiating prices.

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