Sakaja Announces Nairobi Festival Entry Fees and Activities


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Kenyans who are intending on attending the Nairobi Festival will have to fork up Ksh100 to get in.

Children, on the other hand, would have to pay Ksh50 to participate in the celebration that begins on Monday, December 12.

On Tuesday, December 6, Nairobi governor Johnson Sakaja announced the pricing and provided information on the fair’s weeklong events.

The event, which will take place in the newly refurbished Uhuru Park, will include a number of exhibits, performances, and presentations showcasing the work of a wide range of artists.

However, the event’s organizers have not revealed any information about the performers.

The event, according to Sakaja, will further highlight the matatu culture of the city.

“There will also be arts, athletics, cuisine, cinema, and our very own mathrees (PSVs). Please join me in honoring and experiencing the essence of who we are. We’re all about the hustle in this city, which is home to an abundance of talent and innovation “Said Sakaja.

On December 17th, the last day of the Uhuru Park event, the festivities will come to a close.

The organizers had earlier invited the business sector to register themselves as vendors to exhibit their products.

For further information, musicians, poets, and performers are encouraged to contact 0777200290.

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