Sakaja’s Visit to Mama Lucy Hospital Exposes Sad Conditions


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Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja visiting Mama Lucy Kibaki hospital following the death of patient Moureen Anyango, a woman who had given birth to twins by cesarean section.

During an unplanned visit on September 11th, Sakaja discovered that the hospital’s maternity ward was overcrowded, with a ratio of patients to doctors that was greater than what is suggested internationally.

As a result, patients had to wait longer than usual to obtain medical care, and if they didn’t receive it in time, they may not make it.

Another potential concern to the surgical moms was that they had to sleep in the same beds as their pregnant and newborn roommates.

The county governor expressed regret to the hospital’s patients on behalf of Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) and the previous administrations. He promised that the hospital will be renovated soon.

Sakaja also expressed his sorrow to Robert Omondi, Moureen’s spouse. In his opinion, no one’s family should have to suffer because of inadequate healthcare in the country.

Omondi claims that his wife died from postpartum hemorrhaging. He said he called for medical assistance for his wife, who had lost a lot of blood, but it took four hours before anybody showed there.

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