Savula Reverses Course Due to Criticism


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After receiving criticism, Ayub Savula, the newly elected Deputy Governor of Kakamega, recanted his statement that he and his boss, Fernandes Barasa, had equal authority.

The deputy party head of the DAP-K acknowledged making the statements that have been circulated, but he said they were misconstrued and taken out of context.

On Tuesday, September 13, Savula announced that Barasa would be taking command of the devolved unit and vowed his support. He also committed to carrying out his responsibilities in accordance with the Constitution.

“I was misquoted. I did not say that I am a co-governor. The clip doing rounds on social media is not current but was recorded during the campaigns.

“The Constitution is clear. Fernandes Barasa is the governor of Kakamega, and I (Savula) is his loyal deputy,” Savula maintained.

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