Senior DCI Personnel’s Suspicious Exit


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On Wednesday, September 14, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) denied reports that seven senior employees were pressured to resign under mysterious circumstances.

The agency run by George Kinoti issued a statement confirming the departure of the aforementioned officials but denying the allegations that they were forced out of their positions.

“The officers reported to have resigned did so under the 24-hour rule on diverse dates last month and were not forced to leave.

“The detectives who were based at different specialized units within the Directorate left to pursue their careers in the private sector as financial investigators, fraud experts, IT specialists among others,” he said in a statement.

It’s also stated that, any member of the special unit under the National Police Service (NPS) may resign from the unit at any time, so long as they complied with the proper procedures established by the NPS.

“The DCI  clarifies that like in any other progressive institution, the resignation of staff to pursue other interests in life is well provided for in the National Police Service, under the NPS Service Standing Orders (SSO),” the agency noted.

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