Sonko plans to send Baby Sagini to China for eye implant.


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Mike Sonko, a former governor of Nairobi, expressed optimism for baby Sagini, whose eyes were allegedly gouged out by his cousin and aunt in Kisii county.

Sonko provided specifics on the flight arrangements for the three-year-old to South China for eye implants on Monday, December 19.

He continued by saying that he did a ton of research to identify the top hospital in the world to handle the emergency situation of baby Sagini.

After doing extensive research, he discovered a Chinese facility that does eye implants, but it needed the youngster to obtain at least two recommendations from Kenyan hospitals.

He said that he had gotten in touch with the appropriate Kisii County officials, including the local MP, to arrange for his transfer to a hospital in Westlands for evaluation.

On December 21, the former governor scheduled a consultation for baby Sagini with a local eye doctor in Westlands.

The implants, however, are comparable to giving the youngster artificial eyes that will move and seem more like natural eyes without restoring his eyesight.

Sonko also sent a link to the facility that detailed previous successful eye implant procedures.

The former governor said that he did not serve for public relations reasons but rather out of a genuine commitment to find long-term answers to every issue he and his staff dealt with.

Sonko had previously offered a prize of Ksh400,000 to any policeman who would put an end to the perpetrators of the horrible conduct. Any member of the public who gave the police the requisite information on the offenders would get an additional Ksh200,000 reward, according to him.

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