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    Speeding motorists beware: Nairobi Expressway now has speed cameras.

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    If you are found speeding on the Nairobi Expressway, you will be unable to leave the highway until you have been given permission to do so by the traffic police officials stationed there.

    The Communications Director for the Moja Expressway, Jeanne May Ongiyo, has verified the installation of automated speed cameras at strategic locations along the highway.

    According to Ongiyo, the National Officers Service (NPS) traffic police initiated the effort to reduce speeds on the 27-kilometer highway.

    Some Kenyans welcomed the decision to install speed monitors on the 27-kilometer highway, saying that the obligation was now off the government to prove that speeding had occurred.

    While incidents of speeding on the highway have been on the rise in recent months, new improvements have occurred in response to this problem.

    If you are caught speeding in violation of the Traffic Act, you might face a fine or perhaps jail time. Any number of arrests should result in a three-year license suspension.

    According to the law, anybody caught driving more than 20 kilometers per hour above the posted limit faces at least three months in jail and a fine of at least 20,000 Kenyan Shillings.

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