Sport pauses in Respect to Queen’s Funeral.


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On Monday, the day of the Queen’s funeral, sporting events around the United Kingdom will be canceled so that everyone can pay their respects to her.

When the burial date was announced, racing events were postponed in Leicester, Warwick, Hamilton Park, and Wolverhampton—all of which the Queen enjoyed watching.

The football season started back up over the weekend, with many teams paying tribute to the late monarch with minutes of silence and commemorative programmes.

The Queen was a patron of a wide range of sports organizations, including the Football Association, the British Olympic Association, the MCC, and the Commonwealth Games Federation.

While sporting events are postponed in the UK, some British teams abroad have declared tributes to the Queen.

For example, World Rowing denied a request by the rowers representing their country in the world championships in Racice, Czech Republic, to move the competition to avoid conflict with a funeral.

According to a statement released by British Rowing, the sport “has endeavoured to compete with the most appropriate adaptations to demonstrate respect for HM the Queen.” In the name of the Queen, the Royal Family, and the Country.

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