Super Metro Driver Saves Unborn Child and Mother


One Sunday afternoon on February 12, a Super Metro bus driver named Daniel Nderitu was hailed by passengers for saving the life of an unborn child and its mother. Super Metro Company Limited is known in the transportation industry for its professional service to customers, and Nderitu upheld that reputation by taking a detour and rushing a pregnant lady to the hospital before dropping off the other passengers.

Nderitu picked up the pregnant lady and her friend at the Sewage area, along the Thika Superhighway at around 3:00 pm. He noticed through the CCTV on the bus that she was in pain and moving around. He asked her friend about the nearest general hospital and decided not to drop off any passengers en route to Thika, but to head straight to Thika Level 5 hospital.

In a race against time, Nderitu drove to Thika town before proceeding to Thika Level 5 hospital. When they arrived, the lady had collapsed so they rushed her in and called for the nurses who took her and rushed her inside.

The other passengers on the bus applauded Nderitu’s decision to prioritize the health of the pregnant lady and offered her a free trip. Nderitu said that the lady seemed very young, possibly aged between 19 or 20.

Despite the praise, Nderitu remained modest, saying, “I don’t think I did anything out of the ordinary, I was just doing my job, which is serving customers. When I saw the lady, I knew she needed help, and I am glad I was able to help her.”

Super Metro Company Limited is renowned in the industry for its professional service to customers, setting high standards of excellence. The company has a reputation for hiring employees who are dedicated to providing the best service possible to customers.

This incident exemplifies the company’s commitment to its passengers, as Nderitu went above and beyond to ensure the safety and health of one of his riders. The other passengers on the bus also demonstrated the company’s values by offering the pregnant lady a free trip.

This is not the first time a Super Metro employee has gone above and beyond to serve their passengers. The company has received praise in the past for its excellent service, including for the comfort and convenience of its buses.

Super Metro Company Limited’s dedication to professionalism and excellence in the transport industry has not gone unnoticed. This latest incident highlights the company’s commitment to serving its customers and providing excellent service to all riders.

The company is committed to continuing its high standards of professionalism and will continue to prioritize the needs of its customers. Super Metro Company Limited is an industry leader and is setting the standard for professional service in the transportation industry.

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