Super Metro is offering free rides for its new routes.


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The Nairobi Super Metro Sacco offers free rides for anyone traveling between the Nairobi Central Business District and the Kabiria neighborhood.

The Sacco released a statement on Monday, September 12th, announcing the availability of transportation using matatus along the new route in Dagoretti.

As the company establishes itself on the route, it will provide free transportation to the customers from dawn to dusk.

During rush hour, the fare is about Ksh100, while ridesharing services may cost upwards of Ksh500.

Coptic Hospital, Prestige Mall, Adams Arcade, Junction Mall, Corner, Wanyee, Satellite, and Kabiria are just a few of the stops along the way.

Super Metro has been rapidly extending its operable lines throughout the city and has even established a dedicated long-distance transport department.

On August 1st, the Sacco introduced additional rush-hour routes in an effort to further establish its supremacy and improve service quality.

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