Taxing Times Ahead: Mama Ngina Kenyatta Fights Back Against Allegations


“The Former First Lady Takes a Stand Against False Claims”

In a fiery address to a church congregation in Lamu, Mama Ngina Kenyatta, former First Lady of Kenya, has responded to allegations that her family was involved in tax evasion during the presidency of her son, Uhuru Kenyatta. Mama Ngina, who was speaking at the church function, was unapologetic and forthright in her response to the claims.

“No Need for Name-Slinging: Mama Ngina Calls for Due Process”

Mama Ngina spoke out against the negative media reports that have been circulating and stated that the due process of the law should be followed instead of tarnishing people’s names. She added that there was no need to smear her name and that of others to appear to be working. The former First Lady then dared the state to auction her properties if she was discovered to have failed to pay her taxes, as it is a requirement under the law.

“Politicking or the Truth? Mama Ngina Challenges the State”

Mama Ngina went on to describe the attacks against her family as unfair and false, challenging the state to come clean on the issue instead of politicking. She added that the truth is clear: it is not true that she and her family have not paid their taxes, and people know that they are spreading false information. The former First Lady was defiant and unyielding in her response to the allegations.

According to video footage of Mama Ngina’s address, it is clear that she is not going to take these allegations lying down. With Mama Ngina standing up for her family, it looks like this story is far from over. Stay tuned for more on this developing story!

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