The Kindiki Effect: One Man’s Quest to Speed Up Passport Processing


A New Era of Swift Passport Processing

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki has declared that the days of waiting months, or even years, for a passport are over. In a bold move, he has ordered officials at the Immigration Department to get moving and produce all passports within a lightning-fast 21 days.

Innovations to Streamline the Passport Production Process

The Ministry of Interior has implemented a new framework that measures individual output and focuses on efficiency, and it is paying off. The employment of new technologies has made the process of producing e-passports much easier and faster, and the advanced Passenger Information System and e-Gates have helped to speed up the production of identification elements, including passports.

A Man on a Mission

Professor Kindiki has pledged to make a difference, vowing to process all applications, including appeals, within a week of receiving the recommendation from the department. He has directed the Directorate of Immigration Services to process all applications for citizenship, permanent residency, and work permits quickly, and has promised that the 50,000 34-page booklets received last week are just the beginning. With 200,000 more expected next week and similar figures each month for the next six months, it’s clear that Kindiki is a man on a mission.

Strengthening the Social Fabric of Kenyan Society

The Interior Cabinet Secretary confirmed that last week he approved 1,698 applications for citizenship, all of which were pending approval. Of these, 808 applications were made to regain Kenyan Citizenship and 815 applications were made by spouses and children of Kenyan citizens, in an effort to strengthen the social fabric of Kenyan society by promoting the family unit.

No More Profiling Hassles

In a final flourish, Kindiki revealed that some of the newly acquired systems have the ability to profile passengers traveling in and out of Kenya and immediately relay results to decision-makers. So, the next time you travel, you can say goodbye to those frustrating profiling hassles and hello to a smoother, faster, and more efficient passport production process.

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