The requirements for impeachment of IEBC officials


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The procedure to remove the commissioner can begin only when, the petition is officially received by the National Assembly Clerk and recorded in the assembly’s main records unit.

A motion must then be brought forward for discussion in the National Assembly. It only takes a majority vote in the House of Representatives for the petition to be sent on to the president for final approval.

Upon receiving the petition from Parliament, the President will either create a tribunal to investigate the member or suspend the commissioner and issue awaiting the resolution of the complaint.

Within thirty days, the tribunal will conduct an investigation, publish its findings, and issue a final, legally enforceable recommendation to the President.

If the tribunal recommends that a member or members be removed from office, that person or those people will still be eligible to earn half of the salary and benefits associated with the position while they are suspended from duty.

Within seven days following suspension, the President must publish a notice of a vacancy in the Gazette.

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