Top Projects Promised by Sakaja to Nairobians


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After being sworn in on Thursday, August 25 with his deputy Njoroge Muchiri, the new governor of Nairobi, Johnson Sakaja, made a number of pledges as he prepared to begin his term.

In his acceptance speech as the new leader of Nairobi, the charismatic politician went into great detail about his vision for the country’s capital.

Provide hygienic restrooms, water fountains, street furniture, and bus stop shelters.

Sakaja seeks to restore Nairobi’s pride by constructing and repairing sanitary public restrooms, drinking fountains, benches, and covered bus stops.

Nairobi Water Distribution System

Once Sakaja installs a functional water infrastructure system, Nairobi will no longer have a water deficit.

Sakaja promises that they would provide safe drinking water to the people of Nairobi.

Decentralize Government Services

For better service delivery to county people, the ex-senator wants to decentralize governmental services.

In order to better administer and distribute the city’s resources, Nairobi will be split into five complex blocks: the North, East, West, South, and Central administrative blocks.

Build Playgrounds in Every Neighborhood

It is a policy of the Sakaja government to require all Nairobi neighborhoods to designate a certain area for a playground.

Build 17 conference rooms for kids who have special needs.

Specifically, Sakaja plans to implement initiatives that will help children with disabilities in Nairobi.

He also said his administration would implement policies that are inclusive of both men and women.

Open up 20 Brand-New Markets

The city has been plagued by frequent demolitions, but the new county administrator has promised to put a stop to sudden demolitions and provide more viable options.

Sakaja is promoting the utopian concept that the twenty new markets would be home to over 543 hawkers. He hopes that by consolidating commercial activity, traffic would be eased throughout the city.

Construct a Sports Complex in Every Sub-county

In order to instill a culture of sports among the young and school-age children, he has pledged to develop sports facilities in each sub-county of Nairobi.

The county administrator emphasized Nairobi’s growing talent, sports culture, and innovative arts scene.

His administration has committed to pressuring TV networks to provide local programming a 60% airtime allocation.

Clean and disinfect Nairobi

Sakaja wants to create a system for managing and disposing of electronic trash in order to maintain a clean environment in the city.

His government would initiate sewerage projects to eliminate odors and pollution from sewage lines in public areas.

Single-business permits issued electronically

In an effort to decrease the number of licenses a single company owner must possess, his main campaign pledge is to implement a single electronic business permit.
He pointed out that the QR-enabled permit will increase municipal income and help root out corruption.

Construct a City Metro Commuter Light Rail system.

Decongesting the Central Business District while maintaining standards of civility in public transportation is a top priority for Sakaja, and his proposal to construct a city metro commuter light rail is in keeping with this goal.

Make a County Blood Bank Available

Sakaja aims to modernize the city’s healthcare system with his Universal Health Care (UHC) proposal.

By paying off debt and enabling a continuous supply of medication, he intends to put into place an Integrated Hospital Information Management System (IHIMS) and finance healthcare.

Free Lunch at All County Public Schools

His lofty idea to feed kids in all city public schools is an effort to boost graduation rates. Sakaja guaranteed that students in the feeding program would get nutritious lunches.

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