Truck Fire on Southern Bypass Causes Major Traffic Disruption in Nairobi


On Thursday morning, a truck caught fire on the Southern Bypass in Nairobi, leading to the closure of both ends of the busy highway as security agencies cordoned off the area.

The incident caused massive traffic disruption, leaving motorists stranded and seeking alternative routes.

Videos taken from the scene showed a huge cloud of dark smoke rising from the burning truck.

As of this publication, there were no reported casualties, and the cause of the fire was yet to be determined.

Traffic safety agencies have advised motorists using the highway to seek alternative routes until the situation is resolved.

It is unclear how long it will take to clear the debris from the scene and reopen the highway.

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of road safety measures and emergency preparedness.

Motorists are urged to exercise caution and be vigilant while driving, especially in situations where accidents or fires may occur.

It is also important to have emergency contact numbers readily available in case of an incident.

The authorities have not commented on the possible cause of the fire, and investigations are ongoing.

It is unclear if the truck was carrying any hazardous materials or substances that may have contributed to the fire.

However, the incident underscores the need for proper inspection and maintenance of vehicles, especially those involved in transporting goods on our roads.

As the investigation continues, motorists are advised to follow traffic updates from the relevant authorities and plan their journeys accordingly to avoid being caught in traffic jams.

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