Turn your career skills into a business.


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You are the blueprint for your own life.

Start by looking within yourself to discover who you really are. Perhaps you have a gift for making friends and you’re really interested in assisting others, and you often seek out advice.

Then, you’ll elaborate on the many facets of your expertise that the employer would want to know about, such as your experience in sales, management, banking, finance, HR, education, or a particular language or field. Discovering others who might use your expertise is the next step.

Think back on your professional experience and write down the challenges you saw businesses and individuals facing. Those problems are where your future customers have the greatest need for your services.

How, therefore, can others learn that you are a treasure trove of experience and insight? Get the ball rolling by reaching out to the business leaders, friends, and family you already have. As useful as social media may be, users should exercise caution since the online world can seem like a jungle.

Get the word out that you’re available for speaking engagements at community, social, religious, and even family events. Put it out there that you’re open for business. Associate consulting work may be a stepping stone to networking with top management. Keep an eye out for high-level company getaways where you may make a polished presentation.

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