Uhuru Kenyatta to lead DRC peace negotiations in Nairobi.


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Restoring peace and security in the eastern DRC will be a top priority for the East Africa Community (EAC), and former president Uhuru Kenyatta will lead the Nairobi Process to do so.

On November 28 in Nairobi, Kenya, high-ranking representatives from both sides of the war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) will convene for a conference dubbed the Third Inter-Congolese conversation.

The EAC issued a press release confirming the meeting, in which it was emphasized that the meeting was intended to speed up existing regional efforts to establish lasting peace and security in Eastern DRC.

The Luanda process is the second side of a two-pronged attempt by regional and continental leaders to restore peace in the DRC.

The Luanda process seeks to mend diplomatic relations between Rwanda and the DRC, while the Nairobi process focuses on discussions between rebels, locals, and the government of the DRC to end internal conflicts.

Kenyatta heads the Nairobi process, while Angola’s President Joo Lourenço steers the Luanda process.

Earlier this week, the Nairobi process ran into trouble when a meeting between the opposing parties in the DRC conflict, originally set on Monday, November 21, was abruptly canceled.

However, the Luanda process continued as scheduled on November 23, culminating in the release of a statement warning the M23 rebels that they had 48 hours to vacate the three districts in Eastern DRC that they now control or face forcible removal.

On Friday, November 25, however, the rebel militia declared that a ceasefire agreement “doesn’t really worry them” and signaled that they were willing to come to the negotiation table mediated by former President Uhuru.

In part, M23’s statement said, “We are always ready for a direct dialogue with the Congolese government to tackle the underlying cause of the conflict.”

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