Why CBK Refused to Grant TALA a License


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The Central Bank of Kenya has blocked all unlicensed digital lenders shortly after only authorizing ten digital credit providers. This list includes only legitimate loan providers:

  1. Sokohela Limited
  2. Sevi Innovation Limited
  3. Rewot Ciro Limited
  4. MywagePay Limited
  5. Mwanzo credit Limited
  6. Kweli smart Solutions Limited
  7. Jijenge credit Limited
  8. Giando Africa Limited
  9. Getcash Capital Limited
  10. Ceres Tech Limited

The list of licensed lenders does not include Tala or any of the other major companies in the digital lending industry. Customers’ questions have been addressed by the company.

Tala claims that the CBK is still reviewing their licensing application because of the high volume of submissions they have received.

In the period from March 18 to September 17th, the CBK received 288 applications. According to Tala, each application is currently being considered in the sequence in which it was submitted.

The company has asked all of its clients to exercise patience as it works out licensing details with CBK in the meantime.

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