Winnie de Silva gives update on their health after a helicopter crash in Australia.


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The mother of a 10-year-old Kenyan child injured in an Australian helicopter accident, Winnie de Silva, said her son had emerged from a coma and was in stable condition.

The mother, who also escaped the fatal tragedy, said in a statement dated Saturday, January 7, that her son was recovering at a children’s hospital in South Brisbane.

She revealed that despite being sent to a separate medical center, she still spoke with her kid often.

She also said that she will see her kid in the hospital after her operation in a few weeks.

The mother hoped that by being present in the child’s hospital, she may aid in the 10-year old recovery.

However, Winnie pointed out that during the duo’s challenging ordeal, individuals from all around the world supported them.

The helicopter that Winnie and her son were traveling in collided with another helicopter, causing an accident.

Three persons died in the tragedy on January 2 while others suffered life-threatening injuries.

Australia’s government has initiated an inquiry into what happened and plans to provide a full report in 2024.

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